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About me

A pixel art portrait of Santum
(artist's rendition)

Hey there! I'm Santiago Merino and I was born in 2003 on a sunny Argentinian February.

As a kid, I would play a ton of Flash games and emulated retro games. I'd daydream about all the amazing games I'd make, if only I knew how...

It wouldn't be until 2017 when I discovered Clickteam Fusion and finally made and published my very first game! It... wasn't very good, but it unlocked the door into the world of game development, and I've been at it ever since!

As well as giving me this drive to create, playing all those games (which were mostly in English) was my gateway to the language. Over the years, I became very interested in how languages work and begun thinking about the possibility of being a translator.

In 2020 I started helping people with translating their games, volunteering to help on Portal Reloaded, Will you Snail?, and another game which didn't credit me (I'm still salty about it). This proved to me that it was possible, so I am now pursuing a career in translation!


For now, and until the site fully becomes unusable, the fastest way to reach me is through the site formerly known as Twitter. I've also set up shop elsewhere, such as on Bluesky!

If you'd prefer an e-mail, you'll find me at santumdev (at) gmail (dot) com! I can't guarantee a response (especially not a quick one), but I always try to read everything!