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Some of my


aka: things i made or have been involved in


I always wanted to make my own videogames, but I only truly got started in 2017. Most of them were made for :game jams, and as such they're completely gratis. You can play them here!

My first ever long-term game project was YARG, released on September 16th 2022. It's a rage platformer game featuring a cheerful AI that wants you to succeed! You can check it out on Steam or on!


I'm a native Spanish speaker, but I've been learning and speaking in English for as long as I remember.

Whenever I translate a game, I strive to maintain the meaning of the text as much as possible, but also to keep it as fun and engaging as the original.

:I've translated the amazing Portal 2 mod Portal Reloaded and :helped translate the manic platformer Will you Snail? by Jonas Tyroller. I'm also currently pursuing a formal career in translation!

If you're working on a game and need help bringing it to a Spanish-speaking audience, why not shoot me an e-mail?


I also dabble in a lot of other things, from 2D and 3D art to video editing, with the ocassional short story here and there.

If it's audiovisual or involves writing, it's likely I've given it a shot at some point!