Santum Secret Page #2

In a lot of my games, there's an easter egg that can be accessed by clicking on the game's logo.

Here's a list of all of them! I tried to keep the descriptions all cryptic-like but, of course, there are spoilers ahead; if you'd like to find out what they are on your own, I'd suggest leaving this page now!

Also, these are in more-or-less-but-not-quite-chronological order.

: Bossing Around

A vision of a character from games past...

: Volcano Escape

Not on the logo, but on another thing in the main menu. You'll have to be quick to see this one.

: One Bullet

An idea that never really panned out. A real-life memento from the game.

: Missing Texture

A new phrase, a new quote to define the game.

: Uncontrollable Fall

An admission of truth.

: Bossing Around DX (Demo)

Two references in one!

: Help your Friend

An amazing new auditory experience that... doesn't actually work past the first screen. Whoops.

: Hand Washing Simulator 2020

The real game.

: Slash Chord: The Arrival

The real april fools joke.



: someonesPC

Not on the logo, on account of there not really being one. Before you log in consider another, perhaps more self-descriptive, username...